Terminals Heathrow Airport

At Heathrow Airport there are 4 terminals: 2, 3, 4 and 5. Terminal 1 is currently closed.


Transfer between terminals

Please note that Terminal 2 and Terminal 3 are located within a short walk from each other. To do so, there's a pedestrian underpass. It doesn't take more than 10 minutes.


Heathrow Express trains and buses transfer to Terminal 4 and 5. Travel time is about 20 minutes. There are four trains per hour. To use this service, it is required a free inter-terminal transfer ticket, which can be purchased from the machines in the station.


On the other hand, London Underground trains run between terminals. To get free transfer it is compulsory to use London Oyster card or contactless payment card. Travel time takes 16 minutes.


To connect passengers between Terminal 5 and the business carpark there’s the ULTra Personal Rapid Transport, the transportation pods which can speed at 40km/h.


For connecting passengers, there are frequent flight connections buses to the departures terminal from the passenger area of each Heathrow Terminals.




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Heathrow Terminal 2

The newest terminal in Heathrow Airport, also called the Queen's Terminal.

Most of the international services departs and arrives at Terminal 2.

It has a satellite pier, Terminal 2B.

Terminal 2 is about to expand its facilities along 2019.

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Heathrow Terminal 3

Terminal 3 serves international flights to Dubai, US and Canada.

It will be demolished in 2019 to ease Terminal 2 expansion.

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Heathrow Terminal 4

Terminal 4 operates international flights to North Africa, Asia and Europe.

It is the only terminal at Heathrow Airport that can handle Airbus A380.

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Heathrow Terminal 5

Terminal 5 is a hub of British Airways. Even though, Iberia also operates flights from this terminal.

It counts with three concourses; A, B and C.

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